Steps in purchasing a tombstone from Winkler & Sons

1. Review our Product Description List.  We have kept it simple: Stone from the Jerusalem area is cream colored; stone from the Hevron area is tan colored and stone from the Golan-Tiveria is dark gray in color. Select a product that is of interest. The price of the tombstone is firm, but the costs of shipping to the USA, delivery to the cemetery and installation are only approximate, but are good for estimating purposes. This is because shipping, delivery and installation vary according to specific locations. However, once you speak with our customer service representative and give us the name and address of the cemetery we will be able to give you a firm price.

2. There is a Tombstone Order Form that you must fill out. Fill out the Form as best you can. It does not have to be complete. This form allows our service representative to start working on your order.  After you click on the Send button, a service representative will contact you by telephone.

3. The representative will have questions, and I am sure you will also have questions. We both want to determine the total price for the headstone that you have selected. In order to this, first the cemetery has to be contacted. We then determine the cost of shipping to the USA, the cost of delivery from the port to the cemetery by regional carrier and finally the cost of emplacing the headstone at the gravesite. Emplacement will be done by the cemetery or by cemetery’s construction/erection contractor.

4. Once the final price is determined and is approved by you, we will send you a written acknowledgement of your order that will include the inscription that you want engraved on the headstone. When payment is made by either PayPal or credit card and you approve in writing of the inscription, Winkler & Son, our manufacturer, will start work on your order.

5. When your order is completed and ready to be shipped, we will send you photographs of the tombstone for your review and approval. Your order will not be shipped until we receive written approval from you. The entire process from the start of work until delivery to the cemetery will not exceed three months.

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