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Weight 845 lbs
Dimensions 47″L × 24″W × 30″H
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Included in the price:.
• No Sales Tax
• Standard Engraving
• Layout Proof of Engraving/Inscription
• Lifetime Warranty
• Coordinate Cemetery Approval of the headstone with you and the cemetery
• Coordinate Installation with you and the Cemetery or Headstone Installation     

Additional Options: (not included)
• Engraving of Jewish symbols
• Custom Artwork Carvings

Important Notes:
• Most cemeteries have restrictions regarding the style, color, and size, etc., of headstones permitted in the cemetery. We check with the cemetery for their headstone specifications/restrictions.
• Before we ship your headstone you will be responsible to pay the cemetery headstone emplacement charge (if applicable). If the cemetery does not provide installation service we will find you a local professional to set the headstone. Our price does not include installation.

Hevron is one of the holy cities of Israel. Hevron is the location of the double cave of Machpeilah that Abraham purchased from Ephron the Hittite in order to bury Sarah his beloved wife.  It is where Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah are also buried.

Our Hevron stone is best described as a hard calcareous limestone that comes in shades of pale tan.  It is characterized by rosy veins and sometimes patches of beige. Tombstones made of Hevron stone can be either left in its natural state or minimally processed or highly polished.

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